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"Sometimes Heart knows and understand better then head!"

"where are you? Its already 7.00 PM... i need to reach home by 8.00! when you will understand my probs? how many times i need to lie to my parents? and why i should Lie when we are officially declared committed! ?... what was the reason that you wanted me to lie @ ur visit and meet you out without my parents permission?" - a series of questions....may be I am too good in askin Questions!

"If your viva session has ended up, look on the opposite side of the road, i have already reached!" - i always wonder if government will put some tax on talking, Keyur will pay ZERO! how can some one answer so many Qs in single statement?


"Where we are going? and you havnt yet answered any of my questions! you know you need to make it wid my parents, then why you are avoiding to meet them? just think, if you had been to home today for dinner, in place of such "chori-chhupi meeting", it must have been good for our relation! why dont u understand?" - i pu…

I think - We need to talk!

Time : 7.55 AM
Venue: Drawing Hall, BVM
[ i wonder how huge drawing rooms BVM has... its a real Engineering Institute! UNIQUE!]

Scene :: Whole Drawing hall filled with Geeks.... today target is "OS- Operating System"! All Future Engineers are quite prepared well to crack internals , as it is first paper [ more energy, more preparation, more hopes... gradually it evaporates!] and the stronger reason was the faculty who teaches this subject! subject is taught by Prof. N.M.Patel, have no words to describe his intelligence! but how quick he is in learning n applying the gained knowledge, can be explained by a joke all BVMites cracked very often - " If Prof. N.M.Patel needs to learn Car driving, he will simply get 10-20 books titled as "Learn car driving in 24 hours" or similar, read it thorough and will drive smart enough to win a car race!" ... He was/is/will always be considered a GEM of BVM!

"Your time starts now... start writing... All the best to all of…

"wanna be Friends ? what it means sometimes! "

"Will you be my friend? " - if some one asks you ...
what you will reply?
if you think -whats wrong in doing friendship?
then read the incident 4-5 years back when i was new in all roles including job, family, higher studies.....

“I can not do that keyur ! Don’t you know why? Now, where is the point to show my boldness? Being bold don’t mean I am dumb! I do commute, and I am well aware that I need to travel daily by some particular trains, with some particular people around.. I literally created a scene today! god nows how he will react next! i am  afraid a bit! i am not wrong, but  i am alone!  “ -  Now this is called where technology works as boon! we were having an argue on phone!

 I was commuting from ahmedabad to vidhyanager for job, was doing my ME also and house hold duties were to be entertained by default... enough to keep me busy n weird! it was a time when we couldn't waste our time in arguing or fightin…

Words unspoken... Tears unwiped!

"I said NO.... I will not let him do my "kanya dan"! Its my wedding! n if your decision is final that he will do my "kanya dan", i better run away before the date of wedding! i have suffered a lot... now enough is enough! "- SHE almost cried saying all this..SHE is Bride.. going to get married after 2 days! SHE is angry! SHE is not happy n excited as normal girls feel at the time of their wedding! 
SHE is afraid... afraid of that face.. those eyes..   
SHE hates him like hell! 
SHE dont want to pass through the trauma n hell again! 
SHE want to live happily.. 
SHE want to live SAFE.. SAFE from HIM! Away from HIM... ...............................................................................................................
before 12-13 years...
"Mom, why we are going to uncle's home? i dont like to be there! please dont take me there forcefully!" SHE said wid wet eyes! -- "dont worry beta, you will have fun there i bet! just imagine its you…

Before 5 years when i wondered - "Ohhh.. Now I am Faculty!"

"SCENE -1"

"Ohhh, do i look like a Lecturer? God, please help me today! Hey Pankti , what you say, how will be my first day at college? i am scared ! " - i was looking in mirror, a bit confused, a bit scared n was feeling a lot emotions together ! It was My first day to job as Lecturer at ADIT!
 [ ADIT :: A. D. Patel institute of Technology, New Vidhyanagar, Anand, Gujarat]

"you will have a lot fun dear, dont worry! See its my also first day , am i look worried? Chill, n hey try this new pink purse, it goes perfectly with ur pink dress today! " - My Roomie , Pankti answered reading novel. I always wondered "how she was so strong, confident and positive always? "....

"nice purse dear.. from where you purchased? " - a girly Question from my side...
"My Mumma braught for me as gift! got it yesterday only! BTW you r looking dhinchak today, i will have to tell keyur to keep an eye on u! you are not at all looking like lecturer sweety!!! &qu…

From Ekta Kapoor's perspective :: What will be your ROLE?

"ફેશન આવી, ફેશન આવી, ફેશન કરવા દેજો, વેવાણ મારી બેટી ને કઈ ના કેજો! 

હોટલ માં જશે , પિક્ચર માં જશે , રસોઈ બનાવી ને દેજો, વેવાણ મારી બેટી ને કઈ ના કેજો! 

જીન્સ પહેરશે, સ્કર્ટ  પહેરશે, મીનીસ પહેરવા દેજો , વેવાણ મારી બેટી ને કઈ ના કેજો! 

નોવેલ વાંચશે, ટીવી જોશે, ગોસીપ કરવા દેજો,
વેવાણ મારી બેટી ને કઈ ના કેજો! 

ભૂલ કરશે, રડી પડશે, માં બની ને માફ કરી દેજો,
વેવાણ મારી બેટી ને કઈ ના કેજો! 

ફટાણું[Fatanu]  :: above written is a special type of gujarati lok geet which is called FATANU , in which bride n groom's families do nok-zok n masti wid each other!

Na re ! its not my creation! have posted it here, as i liked it a lot!How innocently a mother has explained her worries @ her daughter!

recently i was lucky to be at two weddings in short time! two of my bro-in-law's[cousins in relation, but more dear just like Real!]  got married ... as i am too much attached wid both of them, enjoyed their wedding a lot!

Hurrey! i am promoted! Naah, not at job , got promotion in family!  Till now, i was D…

"While wiping Evil thoughts from devil Head! "

"Finish your household stuff early today. today Bhabhi is visiting us with her parents. [bhabhi - my beloved jethani , who s more friend n less jethani!] ,should i bring some cold-drink from out? " - keyur asked me takin last Byte of RAJBHOG!
[ RAJBHOG- on every saturday  keyur keeps fast, so we do have a heavy menu for dinner, n i call it rajbhog. ,
FAST- in our definition, havin Fast means just changing menu, eat lots of fruits/ moraiyo/sabudanani khichadi/ sukibhaji/bataka ni chhin/ waffers/ sabudana na vada... n list goes on!, i may not be too good in cookin variety of Routine Food, but i am master in cooking "FARADI FOOD"!]

"Ahha, thats Good. why dont u bring fanta/mirinda/mango drink [ as this drinks resembles to juice, they provide good choice!] ? dont forget to bring fruity for hetvi! she will not have anything else then that! , hey keyur - have i told you ,-You Are the Best husband in the World?" - i smiled back, knowing keyur will not appriciate an…

No more "Emotional Atyachar" please!!!

"bhumika, now you are over-reacting! stop this crap! n why you listen to their blah blah blah... cant u just rest at that time, or listen to some good songs when free... ? n.. now stop crying like babies! Heer s much more stronger then U! at least she cries only when her "MA" or "PA" shout on her... n you are the one who can cry on anyone's rubbish advise, or criticism!" - Keyur was lookin at me, angry and sad both at d same time!


"MA.... MA..." Heer comes to me n kisses my forehead!
"OMG, look she s much more wiser  then u! who can say she s just 1 year old?" - keyur feels proud on Heer's lovin, caring gesture , n so do I!

why i am so sad ? for whom i am crying?
I am living a reasonably good, happy life! then why this emotional drama?
today while traveling by Bhilad express, returning to home, discussion going on around me was " workin woman... n her Babies!"

"Our great tradition was right Yesterday n its …

Mamtaji [Benarji ji] , are u listening?

"it was a hectic day! i am doing my best to complete syllabus but, students! ohhh.... when they will stop bunks? "[my inner soul asked "ohh bhumika, .... what u did as a student? ! "-i replied to myself "come on, i accept i had bunked many classes and had aimless random life, did all[right/wrong] which i wanted to do, though i enjoyed a lot... i suffered also a lot in all ways, specially intellectually - i cdnt achieve what i deserved.... i made mistake, while building sweet memories, i should had made strong knowledge base and bright career also!-- i cant advice my students to do the same mistake which i did!" inner soul shouted " cnt u stop delivering lecture even after 6.10 ? have a break n be realistic! why dont u just mind ur own business by not advising ne1 about what to do n what not to! " ....humm... i finished , as i felt i should! ]"have heer's birthday this month , need to make many arrangements.. have to get 6 leaves …

am i caught in a wrong job ???

"i am tired of this job now! I am feeling sick being lecturer... need to read, read and only read whole time!!!! oooohhhhhhhhhh!" : its my usual complain!
"u r right bhumika, i m also feeling tired of this profession.... people think we need to just work for 1-2 hours a day, but who knows we need to read for so many hours! its so boring! what @ starting some new business?? suggest me some interesting work that i can opt for!!! " -- my cabinmate SK asked me wid same frustration... [ me n sk share a cabin in our department, its fun to be wid her as she s too straight , tran sparent, and honest about all aspects of life! unlike me she speaks a little[so i get chance to speak more n more n more!]..... ]
after discussion as usual SK sank back to her work! [she usually likes to keep herself busy in some work! Again not like me!!!... but ooops!]
n my mind got a topic to think! [ i love thinking - on the topic or off the topic!] really .... life of lecturer is not as fun as al…