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Mamtaji [Benarji ji] , are u listening?

"it was a hectic day! i am doing my best to complete syllabus but, students! ohhh.... when they will stop bunks? "[my inner soul asked "ohh bhumika, .... what u did as a student? ! "-i replied to myself "come on, i accept i had bunked many classes and had aimless random life, did all[right/wrong] which i wanted to do, though i enjoyed a lot... i suffered also a lot in all ways, specially intellectually - i cdnt achieve what i deserved.... i made mistake, while building sweet memories, i should had made strong knowledge base and bright career also!-- i cant advice my students to do the same mistake which i did!" inner soul shouted " cnt u stop delivering lecture even after 6.10 ? have a break n be realistic! why dont u just mind ur own business by not advising ne1 about what to do n what not to! " ....humm... i finished , as i felt i should! ]"have heer's birthday this month , need to make many arrangements.. have to get 6 leaves …

am i caught in a wrong job ???

"i am tired of this job now! I am feeling sick being lecturer... need to read, read and only read whole time!!!! oooohhhhhhhhhh!" : its my usual complain!
"u r right bhumika, i m also feeling tired of this profession.... people think we need to just work for 1-2 hours a day, but who knows we need to read for so many hours! its so boring! what @ starting some new business?? suggest me some interesting work that i can opt for!!! " -- my cabinmate SK asked me wid same frustration... [ me n sk share a cabin in our department, its fun to be wid her as she s too straight , tran sparent, and honest about all aspects of life! unlike me she speaks a little[so i get chance to speak more n more n more!]..... ]
after discussion as usual SK sank back to her work! [she usually likes to keep herself busy in some work! Again not like me!!!... but ooops!]
n my mind got a topic to think! [ i love thinking - on the topic or off the topic!] really .... life of lecturer is not as fun as al…

I am missing my MIDDLE CLASS life-style and values!

"bhumika... speak on lower pitch! it seems like u r shouting, not talking! remember this is not your GORWA!" - keyur always reminds me about my highly amplified voice tone... as he expects i should talk less n that also at lower pitch! [ don't laugh! he s not d one who give up!... let him try!]
"ok.. i will remember it next time your highness ! and i have reminded you 1000 of times that it has nothing to do with GORWA, so dnt involve it ! you better recall you had to come from satellite to GORWA to convince my parents! " it was the same reply with a smile every time!!!! [ as i know he always knowingly include GORWA to discussion just to pull my legs!]
now if you dont belong to Baroda[india] , you might not be able to understand the core of above discussion! GORWA is a middle class area, where i have been living for 21 years! now i belong to Ahmedabad- satellite as a bahu of SHAH family!
in last week when my dear sis went to baroda for her vacations with her son.…

I respect all those women who work for their children!!

નિષ્ઠુર માતાએ પુત્રને સુરસાગરમાં ફેંકી દીધો

i was listening to a gazals of jagjit singh.... was about to reach to surat station , travelling by Bhilad Express... and suddenly one pf my co-passenger showed me this news... i read it.. and cdnt speak a single word! 1 tear drooped out....

"keyur , dont throw those toys.. heer loves them... i know half of them are broken... bt heer s attached wid them and i also feel they are special as they belongs to my princess!.... naah... i am not going to dump her old cloths either!!! i can still smell her from her cloths... and all her belongings are special for me to be treasured for lifetime! dammm to diwali safai.. i will put all safely somewhere for ur satisfaction! "

i wonder! i cant even dump my baby's old toys/cloths.... and somewhere near me... a mother dumped her child!

i feel i was not so much emotional..... but after being a mother , it was my new bi…