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Freedom :: Being Female

Freedom :: Being Female!

let me tale u one incident! [those who are expecting a funny post may stop reading!]
"A" is a female of the age 28/29, she is working women and married.
recently while "A" was travelling by train [ "A" is also commuting...] , "A" found the person seating opposite to her was staring her badly! "A" neglected it, and continued her novel and music...
After some time, That stranger waved his mobile to "A", and held mobile in a way that "A" could see Mobile's screen. that mobile was showing some number[ it was that stranger's number...].. "A" neglected him again... and continued to her reading n music!
as "A" s destination station was about to come, that stranger offered her a newspaper to read, which she denied knowing his mindset... and she was sharp to find that on the newspaper that stranger had written his name and number in big lattes! "A" avoided it, but &qu…

"father is father,, else all other are snakes of jungle!"

Father is father.. else all other are snakes of jungle! confused???? let me make it simple! "BaapaeBaap.... bijabahda jungle naSAAP!" above line is said by great philosopher Mr. Keyur P. Shah[my hubby....]....
i know u must be laughing reading that as the true lines are for mother... "ma te ma, bijabadhavagdana VA!"
but my hubby has modified this popular saying and redefined the definition of "Father"! how? Our society has defined certain tasks for mother and father..
Father :: he is strong base and only support [financial] to family... so he has to earn , earn and earn.. father should never pamper child , as its task of mother[ typical hindi movie scenario " tumne hi apneladale/ladlikobigadahai, ab bhugto!"] .. father should give priority to money only and to family tradition.. he should not take any decision using emotions! father can never [nahi..... kabhinahi.................] get involved in child's daily routine [such as playing with kid, taki…

why i am so lucky? i wonder! do you have answer??

"thank god! at last we reached TAPI[its a kathiyawadi rest. on ankleshwar highway]....keyur now nothing can go wrong! today was the worst birthday i had ever in my life! lets go in fast! " i was finally releived as i was with my family and thought now nothing can go wrong!
keyur[my hubby] locked our scorpio [ see how smart i am, in one line i said we just got a new scorpio!], and smiled " dnt worry , all will be fine now, now you are with me, nothing can go wrong!!" we were about to enter restaurant and keyur stopped with puzzled face!
"i think........................[a big pause....] , bhumika, i forgot my wallet at home! " keyur said with regret! "i knew... i knew... still i have much more surprises!" i felt panic...

lets have a rewind of my fun filled "happy" birthday!
day started at:: morning 6.15 .... i waked up early as i didnt wanted to mess up and run today to finish my daily routine ... opened door to collect milk bags.... ahhh m…