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"Mother is compared with GOD... But She is not ! Being human its tough to act as GOD! "

"Hey bhumika, seen 3 Ididots? awesome movie.... i know you just love movies...Its must watch... i had been to it for 3 times still i wanna go n watch it once again! " - Reena , my train friend asked me.... Yeah she was right, i just love movies and can watch movie at any time!

"Na re, how can I? had seen Fashion last.. Wid heer its not possible to go for movie...I miss going out for movie badly, but  at the same time i feel its more imp for me to be wid Heer as much as possible!" - i replied palely!

"Why? Heer will love it! and if she cant hold for 3 hours, You can go for night show! hey you have a Nany exclusive for her right? why not on sunday afternoon, she will be sleeping and you both can go and watch movie! what say?" - Reena was too excited about the idea, as she understood my urge to see movie.. She is a movie-freak like me, so can better understand my urge!

"humm.. Its possible, but  i feel guilt, if i go out for fun leaving her alone on Sun…

God knows, when this calculative, criteria based , "bride/groom hunting" Business will stop??

"Aunty, excuse me! please move a bit, i wanna go on that side...." , a fellow passenger asked my Train buddy! 

A loud laugh!
"The AUNTY"  was too angry like she had heard some real SURTI SHLOK...... [ you know what i mean!!]
" come on "Hiral", its ok... dnt feel so embarrassed! look i have accepted the "Aunty" tag so easily! does that really matters so much to u??? "  - I asked "Hiral" to make her comfortable wid the Promotion she had just achieved!
"yous is a different case bhums, u are married, and i am not! " - "Hiral" shared the basic reason which from her perspective makes her ineligible for  the so called "Promotion"....
"So when s your plan to become a "Run away bride"  " - our beloved pallaviben opened hiral's secret plan may be!  "Ohhh... some one is planning for "eloping" ! i find it exciting a lot! you will need a lawyer, and you have a right one ! so w…