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"While wiping Evil thoughts from devil Head! "

"Finish your household stuff early today. today Bhabhi is visiting us with her parents. [bhabhi - my beloved jethani , who s more friend n less jethani!] ,should i bring some cold-drink from out? " - keyur asked me takin last Byte of RAJBHOG!
[ RAJBHOG- on every saturday  keyur keeps fast, so we do have a heavy menu for dinner, n i call it rajbhog. ,
FAST- in our definition, havin Fast means just changing menu, eat lots of fruits/ moraiyo/sabudanani khichadi/ sukibhaji/bataka ni chhin/ waffers/ sabudana na vada... n list goes on!, i may not be too good in cookin variety of Routine Food, but i am master in cooking "FARADI FOOD"!]

"Ahha, thats Good. why dont u bring fanta/mirinda/mango drink [ as this drinks resembles to juice, they provide good choice!] ? dont forget to bring fruity for hetvi! she will not have anything else then that! , hey keyur - have i told you ,-You Are the Best husband in the World?" - i smiled back, knowing keyur will not appriciate any buttering techniques!

"yeah , you have told me that many times, but why dont you explain this plain truth to ur parents? " - keyur used old trick...

"now , whats the point here to reference my parents? You know how much my parents LOVE you and adore you!" - i smiled back!

"Yes, certainly , they love me so deeply that for betterment of my life and to protect me from your "atyachar" they denied for our wedding! My fate i overruled them! BTW, when they are coming to visit us? i am missing them desperately ! " - if a 3rd person listens to this conversation, he/she must think we r having  verbal fight ! but thats the way we talk normally!
n we do enjoy it!

i finished my dish washing , came to drawing room.n joined keyur n Heer playing cricket... silently a tear drooped .. i tried to hide it, but as always keyur caught me!

keyur knew what i was thinking!
I wonder many times, how we can map thought so easily! - may be thats love, may be thats attachment!

"keyur, whenever i see bhabhi's parents visiting them , staying wid them for long , i feel why my parents dont? See , how well hetvi and aneri are attached with their Nana-Nani, when my kid will develop that bond? and will she? Mom-papa , if wish can live with us forever, they just have 2 daughters, why they dont stay with us? why cant they visit us as frequently as bhabhi's or other's parents do? don't they love me enough? " - why i am so demanding, i dont know!

"now, at this age they need to give Proof of their Love? dont be silly! i think u seriously need some psychiatric!  should i take appointment for u?

for the god's sake, aren't you the one who have told me tales of ur  parent's sacrifice for your studies- so detailed that i can do Phd with it? when your parents were ruining their life for shining your future, they were silly.. ?

when other parents admitted their daughters' to Arts or commerce streams thinking spending money on a girl child is not worth, why your parents' choose engineering for you?

whats their benefit if you are earning 5 digit salary  today?

Mom should had dragged you to kitchen as other mom's did! she would have got some relief and you would have learnt some marriage oriented skills!

They were and are really silly!

They should have done as other parents did, they should have forcefully wedded you to some strangers, in place of accepting your choice[- love marriage]  and allowing you to ruin their prestige in society which they earned in years!
you have got sick bhumika! "- each and every sentence my hubby told showed me the love and respect he really holds for my parents! After meeting keyur i realized Feelings cant always be expressed in words! its felt in silence also!

"look heer, listent what ur "MA" says! n do ask her same Questions when u reach at her age! she deserves that! just Yesterday ur "MA" shared her "Brahma Gyan" to bhabhi that - we should never compare two kids, as they are not robots! and see now she is comparing her Parents! this is whats called- "double standard ki standard misal! " " ....  - keyur said lightly ,wiping my tears and my evil thoughts with heer's tiny fingers!

i smiled, Heers cheered, as she thought MA n PA said something worth laughing!

Being together Physically , is not necessary n possible always! Being Emotionally Attached is what really counts to be!

"Life is simple! We make it Complected! "


dev said…
Touching post, dear! I feel so as i have recently rediscovered how close and attached i am to my parents. :)
~Lopa said…
Hmmm, totally agree. I can so so relate to what you have written here.
I have gone through exactly all these thought while studying Engg and staying in hostel and when i took up job and was staying away for my job !

We are lucky, aren't we?
Viral said…
don't have words to appreciate that...
Rahul said…
Bhumika ur post was awesome as always!!u mite be knowing that my finals are starting in 6 days but still can't stop myself from taking a little time out and reading ur post!!n i must was totally worth!!actually i have seen this comparison problem widely spread...i don't understand why people cant get satisfied with what they get!!no 2 fingers are alike,similarly no 2 persons can be same!!anyway..gr8 article!!keep writing;)
Ashish Dhedhi said…
I am sure Keyur will have more followrs than you if he starts his own blog... :)
Indeed a best hubby in the world can only explain you this way...
Anonymous said…
hey ur blog is awesome... :-) n seriously u n ur husband both r having good chemistry (understanding).... keep writing ur thaughts can solve many problems of other's like mine..!:)

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