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"Sometimes Heart knows and understand better then head!"

"where are you? Its already 7.00 PM... i need to reach home by 8.00! when you will understand my probs? how many times i need to lie to my parents? and why i should Lie when we are officially declared committed! ?... what was the reason that you wanted me to lie @ ur visit and meet you out without my parents permission?" - a series of questions....may be I am too good in askin Questions!

"If your viva session has ended up, look on the opposite side of the road, i have already reached!" - i always wonder if government will put some tax on talking, Keyur will pay ZERO! how can some one answer so many Qs in single statement?


"Where we are going? and you havnt yet answered any of my questions! you know you need to make it wid my parents, then why you are avoiding to meet them? just think, if you had been to home today for dinner, in place of such "chori-chhupi meeting", it must have been good for our relation! why dont u understand?" - i pushed some more Questions in Queue...[ though i knew with keyur you can never garantee any order to get answer... neither "FIFO" [first in first out] nor "LIFO" [last in first out]]....

"why we are leaving baroda? and why you are carrying luggage with you? where you are going?? we are on national highway! now this is limit keyur, stop car right away and answer me! what happened? " Few more Questions in hope for answer!

" I wonder if your brain worked as much as your tongue works , you would have been youngest NOBEL achiever! "- keyur hadn't stopped car neither my worries ! How smart he was always, to flush my Question Queues at once!

"Now Give some rest to your tongue, n let you ears n brain work for a change! I had a talk with papa about our wedding! Papa changed his mind set suddenly! He wants us to have a break up! i mean, he is now opposing  our relation! "- keyur said all at once!

"what? are you serious? i dont believe! we are already engaged! how could he? i am not that bad! [ a bit i am!] ... and what went so wrong with me? "- i burst into tears....

"You know all odds from beginning! Papa believs a lot in horoscope, and our horoscope shows only count of 13 for match! despite of that you have heavy mangal and i dont have it at all! you are 1 year elder then me! we belong to different castes... and above all - our family JYOTIS [ ahh... family doctor suna hai.. but whats famili jyotis?] has predicted that if we marry i will die in 1 year! so papa is refusing! " - while explaining all keyur avoided eye contacts.. and that increased my fear a lot!

"what do you exactly mean MR. Keyur Shah? Its just about horoscope, prediction of some fakie or the reason is the NRI Girl coming this week as u mentioned?  " - I was so confused what to ask and what not to!

"All the reasons together! its all messed up! Had a worst discussion at home about all!" - He tried to explain story from his side, but my mind refused to accept!

"OK, so thats the big news and surprise for which you came all the way to baroda? what we will do now ? take me to home, i will explain papa, i will convince him.. i will .... " - I felt helpless n frightened at once, though was a lot confident that keyur will never leave me for any damm reason!

"I tried all the ways... but it cant be worked out now! forget about it! we need to elope! " - keyur said lookin in to my eyes!

"What? How? How we can? We had decided we will never do so! what @ our families? it will be painful keyur! have you thought about all Odds? "- I trusted and agreed keyur's decisions blindly, always.. may be because he always made right decisions for him, me , for us!

"its the final option ! I have thought a lot! Its all over now! we will have to elope only! though its only decision form my side.. you can think and take decision, take your time! " - Each word of keyur increased my heart beats!!! I felt pissed off!

a moment of silence...

"Lets GO!" - I replied promptly!

"Don't u need time to think dumbo?" - keyur was surprised, may be he had a bit more drama!

"My heart and brain dont interfere in each other's area! and you are in former.. so brain need not to bother!" - ahhh... i am really too much drama, but this time i meant it!

 I feel it strongly - "Heart has its own reasons that head cant understand !".....

"You scare me sometimes! Dont trust me so much! I may not be worth all the time!" Keyur smiled...

Car stopped!

"lets have a treat... Treat for your trust on me and my love! Right now your and mine parents are deciding our wedding date! " - He played a prank again! and i was trapped again.. yet was happy to be trapped!

"Many times in my life I have regretted for the decisions taken by my mind... But never for the choices made by my heart! Sometimes Heart knows and understand better then head... "


pinakin said…
wow it was good yar,i mean how u write alaways so amazing like this.btw i will have to face the problem u guys faced,joytish and cast stuff.
but like u says decisions taken by heart is alwasy good
mOnaRk said…
Hello Bhumikaji,

Reading your blogs for last few posts and I must say I am enjoying a lot.
Very innovative and creative. I have two observations from your blogs so sharing it with you........

1. The order of various events which take place in your blogs are so nicely intermingled that it gives overall feel of watching some intellectual hollywood movie........!! YOU have the POWER of representation.

2. The CONTENT of your blogs or let us say the SOURCE. You write here what you have gone through or experienced in one or the other way in your life and that too "direct dil se......" which keeps the soul of every blog intact.

Two thumbs up.......!!
Anish Patel said…
you should write a novel like chetan bhagat did... his latest novel.. 2 states-story of my marriage... like similar..
always loves reading ur blogs...
Vasu said…
Madam You should really become a writer of your life's experience.Its so much fun to read your blog.. :)
Ashish Dhedhi said…
Standing Ovation once again for your post!!!

I sometime doubt if you are able to spare time to teach your students... :P
Anonymous said…
compliments for your writing style. I second what Amit wrote in his comment above. Your style of writing is somewhat similar to Chetan Bhagat.

I just finished reading "2 States" new book from Chetan Bhagat and I also recommend you to read that book. Perhaps you may related some of the incident narrated in that book to your life.

Happy new year to You, Keyur and lil angel Heer!!!
Oh my GOD...I can't imagine that climax is gonna be happy ending. The way you draw the bond with each other and I would are good in writing.
~Lopa said…
Ohh wow wonderful post Bhumika.... and i am the one who love Happy Endings :)

And btw you do sketching also? Comp Engg huh? ;)
That pic of kidnapping is surely cute :)
Minal said…
^ Totallt agreed with what Lopa has said. Kudos to ur writing dear.

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