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"wanna be Friends ? what it means sometimes! "

"Will you be my friend? " - if some one asks you ...
what you will reply?
if you think -whats wrong in doing friendship?
then read the incident 4-5 years back when i was new in all roles including job, family, higher studies.....

“I can not do that keyur ! Don’t you know why? Now, where is the point to show my boldness? Being bold don’t mean I am dumb! I do commute, and I am well aware that I need to travel daily by some particular trains, with some particular people around.. I literally created a scene today! god nows how he will react next! i am  afraid a bit! i am not wrong, but  i am alone!  “ -  Now this is called where technology works as boon! we were having an argue on phone!

 I was commuting from ahmedabad to vidhyanager for job, was doing my ME also and house hold duties were to be entertained by default... enough to keep me busy n weird! it was a time when we couldn't waste our time in arguing or fighting when we were together, as it was rare because of our strange job timing... So,  we always did all- fighting, arguing, chatting, talking on phone! I am thankful to inventor of mobile phones!

"If you dont wanna follow any of my advise, then why you are asking for it? have told you many times before, ask me only when you genuinely need advise! BTW , i have told you before, i trust you and your capabilities, i know you can manage any damm condition better ways! and about creating SCENE,  u are master doing that dear! Dont get panic, I AM ALWAYS THERE!"  - Keyur always believes me more than myself!

I finished making dinner... Increased the voice pitch of FM Radio... "Yeah lamha filhal jee lene de......." a beautiful song featured on the real gorgeous Susmita sen was floating in air... I was trying to drift my mood... but it had sticked to today's incident!

Have a look to the weird day!!!  ::

"Hey! bhumika, how are u? "- "M" asked to capture my attention!

i avoided...
Noap "M" was not my friend, nor relative... HE was a stranger following me since 6 months or more.. He was always aware about updates of mine, and never failed to catch my location whether at railway station  or at parking! always tried to converse, but i never responded! i dont know from which source he got all information about me, but that never bothered me even! about him i just knew his name, that also as he told me forcefully !

I wondered why some1 was wasting time over me? Noap it wasnt love or ne feelings! I knew that better way! As a girl can most of the time read intentions of the person in his/her eyes!

and today's incident made it more clear!
"Listen to me bhumika! why you are avoiding me?" - now he was blocking my way!

"I just wanna be your friend! and i am trying to explain this to you since last six months! whats wrong in being friends? " - His fate was bad today! he wasnt aware of what all i could do when angry!

"I told you many times in last six months clearly " I AM NOT INTERESTED!" why you dont get it? "- i tried to solve the matter as straight as possible!

"but why? i am good looking, i have a good job , i am a decent person.. have you seen me misbehaving wid any female anywhere? !!  " - he said , may be he was determinant to resolve his issue today! [BTW... is this a proposal for friendship??? ]

"Hey, this are not the reasons why i should do friendship wid u! its my choice its my life! dont force me! " - i tried last time , as he was trying my limits!

" but i like U!" - he said... now he was about to be on point!

" AND I DON'T!!!!! now can i go please? cant u see i am married? "- i showed my mangalsutra and sindoor..  i am not too traditional to wear mangalsutra n sidoor all time, but i used to have it just to warn the despos about -"is route ki sabhi line vyast hai!"....

" i know you are married, but i am unmarried! now what you say?" - aaarrrra.... He shouldnt have said so!

A tight SLAP on his cheeks! Silence around!

 the whole railway  parking was full of regular commuters, all trying to figure out what we were talking, n with a slap, all got the clear idea of what exactly happened!

" I AM HAPPILY MARRIED...! now one more time i find you out in the area of 5 kilometers around me, i bet you will no longer remain a MAN! i hope i made myself clear... or still you have any queries? " - this is real me! Dont mess wid me, i am unpredictable!

I wonder  when people will understand....'

" when female is working, making her career, conversing wid people freely, have lots of friends, -- It dont mean she is available! "


Vasu said…
Seriously..What a SLAP!!!..I could hear the resound even while reading it...Good post madam!!
dev said…
India is full of such despos, specially they feel that every independent woman is an available woman. (your words resonate my thoughts, dear!) What i liked the most was that slap! The moral: never! I repear never test the patience and tolerance of a woman! Wish we had the ignore button from social networking sites in real life too! ;)
Ashish Dhedhi said…
LOLs... too good :)

U should've taken his home contact details n called his parents to inform that this guy not only needs to get married soon, but also need some guidance regarding his urges from a very good doc.

As told earlier, this kind of desperation leads to increase in crime against women...

Ppl in our country need to grow up!
Rajni Agravat said…
પ્રતિજ્ઞા !
Bhumika said…
amazing IDEA!!!

Really imressed by ur idea!
Swati said…
Lolz.......aaj sudhi ma ketla loko e aa "slap" no anubhav karyo 6??? :))
pinakin said…
its realy realy nice thing u say here.
actualy i have same question but littlebit change
people want to friendship with girls yes i also do(its other matter that i never have dare to talk with a girl)but in the same way wht is intention behind his friendship?most of boy have bad intention.but as the girls view she share her all feeling and wht she get two eyes that always staring here and waiting for a chanse.very disturbing yar
krunalc said…

Almost every other post on your blog describes harrasement, you (or in that case any other working woman) faces while commuting through local trains. I appreciate your resolve and toughness to fight. But sometimes after reading, I think like is it worth? What I mean is you don't have any pressing reasons to do this particular job only. Perhaps you can think for some other avenue which can eliminate all your commuting hassles, can make you spend more time with your family and also satisfy your hunger to excel in professional life. After all everyone needs a peace at the end of day.

Not trying to advice you. But just sharing a thought that crosses my mind after reading your posts.
Bhumika said…
U r absolutelly right!
and even if you are giving advice, i will appriciete..
But i havent written any post on my blog to say, how painful my life is, or how many troubles a working- commuting lady faces.... I have posted here, to just explore different perspectives a female experiences!just have written to show, Females do feel and understand some evil intentions on the spot!
I dont regret for my commuting or long job hours! and neither i feel spending less time wid family! My hubby n kid are lot comfortable wid my routine!
commuting and working may be stressful in beginning, but latter it teaches a lot lessons necessary for life! and really i have learnt a lot!

again liked ur views a lot! but i m enjoying my commuting n job both a lot!the job i have is awesome, n i am learning a lot here!

n the accidents i post here, do affect me a bit, bt makes me strong more!So its better for me!
great bhumika....u done well actually the prob is that we girls/ladeis/ or women never have tht guts to save our self...we always think about ppls around us or our family or our society thts it..if we all can aware n face it then tht kind of guys automatically underground...

ur article is also so nice..its totally belongs to real life...
kunjan said…
Bravo Ma'm... Read comments from readers.. well I appreciate the brave step which you took in the Parking but I am certainly not in harmony with the comments made by Pinakin. If one has friends who are girls (consciously tried to avoid the word GIRL FRIEND ;) ) since one's childhood then I don't think that chap will be that much bad as he described... Well I am not criticizing Mr. Pinakin but just putting my point of views.. I had never seen any case when friends have bad intentions about their opposite gender friends.. May be I am lucky enough to not to encounter those sort of chaps..
V r U n D a said…
humm... really bravo!!!
i m very much like u...
keep it on..
Bhumika said…
and i agree with u! i also dont have MALE- friends, who have perfectly normal views and who respect female a lot! the guy i described was an exception may be!
Bhushan said…
thanx ma'm for advance warning!!!!
i'll always wear a helmet before sending a friend request to galz.
(i know u'r quite good at scanning & deleting malwares, but what if the other gal iz not? ahi to gaal laal thai jaay amaaro)
kunjan said…
Me'm check comments on that auto (5 years ago) contains my batch details...

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