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am i caught in a wrong job ???

"i am tired of this job now! I am feeling sick being lecturer... need to read, read and only read whole time!!!! oooohhhhhhhhhh!" : its my usual complain!

"u r right bhumika, i m also feeling tired of this profession.... people think we need to just work for 1-2 hours a day, but who knows we need to read for so many hours! its so boring! what @ starting some new business?? suggest me some interesting work that i can opt for!!! " -- my cabinmate SK asked me wid same frustration... [ me n sk share a cabin in our department, its fun to be wid her as she s too straight , tran
sparent, and honest about all aspects of life! unlike me she speaks a little[so i get chance to speak more n
more n more!]..... ]

after discussion as usual SK sank back to her work! [she usually likes to keep herself busy in some work! Again not like me!!!... but ooops!]

n my mind got a topic to think! [ i love thinking - on the topic or off the topic!]
really .... life of lecturer is not as fun as all feel! all others always think like - lecturer have so easy and soft life! just take 1-2 hours per day load and have fun for rest of time! have a goo
d salary, lots of respect.. what else one needs in a job????

hummm... a lecturer do have 16-18 hours load per week .. but to teach 1 hour's lecture we need to read a lot! [minimum 3-4 hours/day!] and not a simple reading... we need to make a through reading... need to clear all concepts, and be able to present ourselves in a way that can solve ne
queries raised by students!

some persons love reading! i also love reading!
wait.................... i love non-technical reading[literature....]! [ooop ..... i m in wrong job perhaps!!!]
may be..... may be not!

but really do i think i am in wrong job????


naaah... not really!

humm.... as u all know i have been working as well as commuting from last 5 years.... and have met so many people from different background! some worked for fun, some for food, some for family, some for individuality....

"A" was a nurse... we used to travel together... she was working at ahmedabad in a private hospital and living at nadiad.. she was commuting from last 20 years ... and was doin night duty from last 5 years with salary of 3000 merely ! ---- is she enjoying what she s doing?

"B" is an uneducated woman, whos husband is medically unfit to work, and son died in accident leaving his wife n son behind.... "B" sells artificial ornaments in train daily in ladies compartment to earn
bread for the whole family! how much she will be earning monthlly where her whole business runs almost on "Udhari" ???..... --- now when its tough to earn dinner n lunch for everyday , who cares for enjoyment???

"C" is a men in his late 50's.... at the age of retirement, who was once in NDA and spended all his income n savings for son's education n wedding... he is doin job of security in a small firm near his home, his son and daughter-in-law dnt care for him! " --- he has the proper dignifying job ?

"D" is a mechanical engineer in his mid 20's... a scholar an intelligent engineer... he runs his fathe
r's diamond business [willingly/unwillingly] ,which has no relation wid what he studied at all! --- is he feeling job satisfaction???

"E" is doctor, gynecologist.... she used to work i n a well known hospital of baroda and had a bright future,,, now she has just duty to cook, eat, shop, be with kids, make the family happy [ she has been converted as housewife forcefully doin emotional atyachar!!!! ] --- she s feeling sick or frustrated???

then why i am the only one who cries always for so called "job satisfaction" n all?
Thank God!!!

I love my job a lot! it not only pays me good salary but lots of respect , self-esteem and Independent identity!

what @ u all? feeling still frustrated? if no... dont forget to thank god!!!


Anonymous said…
This is SK(Snehal Gandhi, Computer Dept, SCET)

well Done Bhumika, It was really nice one. An eye opening and helpful article for all who feel frustrated about their job and workplace. The article shows that we are really in a very good condition at our workplace than others. Also, thanks for considering my identity and my issues in your article..Keep it up..
prits said…
hey bhumika...this is priti...

really good article...i ws feeling d same frm last few days but this article of urs is eye opening should work on how to make their jobs interesting rather than continue crying over it..thnxx a lott...keep up ur good work..:)
Minal said…
:D Nice, along with ur job u're getting life's most valuable experience by commuting with ppl. Many a tms we feel ourselves blessed, lucky and satisfied by looking at other ppl..
Btw that last lady Dr./gyneclogist truly unfair! It really shocked me!!! it shuold be person's own choice as working woman or housewife, definitely not by emotional atyaachaar.:(
Ajit said…
Never compare your job with anyone else and feel happy, even though it is happiness but its a sadist one and moreover one never moves ahead in life if sees people who are below him and feels satisfied rather competing with the best for the best actually gives you more thrill and excitement than falsified happiness
Bhumika said…
ur right! for progressing in career one need to look forward!

but that was not perspective after my post! my perspective was, in life when we are blessed wid something, we need to understand its value!
in place of complaining we need to do something to make our work creative n interesting! thats it!
Jignesh Gohel said…
Wonderful points mam,
Being a part of IT industry i alwayz think about work load and daily activities. We always compare our salves with one who are at upper level, or earning more than us but we never compare the dedication, time and effort they put on to reach at that stage.
Anonymous said…
- It is the only job which gets you a vacation.
- If you do not do your job, you are popular(among students obviously).
Bhumika said…
u r absolutely right!
Divyesh said…

Very Intersting Post...

Keep it....


Vasundhara said…
Very useful post madam...really an eye opener for lucky to be in this job!!!
Ashit said…
Rupal Dalal said…
It is really an interesting article, I am a software developer, have to slog down for 10 hrs a day, constantly under pressure, very less personal time, no time for family,add to it a very boring job, need to sit in front of computer for hours at length, always have tight deadlines, meetings.I have got really frustrated, to the extent started searching on net, if others too thinking alike or are they satisfied. I found out nobody is satisfied, nobody is happy by what they are doing, or earning, its always, 'ye dil mange more'.Haven't got the route cause yet, or solution yet, but the points you mentioned were good enough, it feels good for a moment but then again its the truth i have stpped looking forward for a day, started dreading ohh anather day at same place doing same kinda work, same old boring stuff, no creativity, no fun, only pressure, sress.If you or anyone come across somee solution, please do share it with me.

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