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"Love X aur Dhoka!"- Break Ups !!!

"Hey M, now one more time you will play this song of movie SAYA I will make u like the Ghost they have in movie[not so beautiful though!] !  can you please tell me the reason why you are crying like a new born baby?" - S asked furiously as he hates such melodramas!! !
"I am not crying and mind your own business!" M replied wid pain!
" I cant leave you in such &*#$%#^% condition, and this is also my business to take care of my buddies! Now will u disclose or i should call and ask ur chick - R ? " - S was a lot concerned about M...
" Dont you drag "R" in the matter! and delete her number now from your cell! " M said with a blank face... "OOPS this is the matter , your chick has ditched u ? Come on M , enjoy you are free bird now! " I wondered silently how lively S is about life.. and how painful it must be for M to handle this situation!
"M, tell me dear what happened?  Yday only i had seen you R, she waved at me …