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Mother-in-laws are upgraded these days!

“I got married when I was just 16! I was studying in 11th and got married, at that time I was not even aware @ meaning of marriage ! at my home I had never lifted even my plate after lunch/dinner….i was very sharp in studies and loved studies a lot! But had to give up studies after marriage…after marriage my mother-in-law always treated me like a servant and had to even listen her “shloks” for making minor mistakes! At the age of 18 , I was mother of 2 kids, when actually I was kid from heart! What was my fault? My mother-in-law made me suffer a lot! But today she realizes all as her daughter is passing through same type of problems… for me she was harsh.. n for her daughter she feels pain! That’s life!” – “A” aunty said remembering the pain she had gone through!

You will hear such same dialogue from many “A”, “B” or ”C” named females in the age of 50-60 years!

“mumma, yesterday I tried to make “shira” [ type of halwa] for heer , but felt it was too sticky and was not as good as u make! And mumma thesedays when I am trying to make CURD , its not getting as fine as we make it at our home! What can be problem? And mumma I tried to make “handwa” also on last Sunday but it was a disaster! Next time when we will come home, please make “handwa” so that I can see and learn it better!.......” :: U might be thinking this muct be a talk between mother and daughter! U are half correct!

Above is a usual dialogue between me n my mummiji ! what changes in it is name of item and description of recipe , though disasters are happening with same rate!

Today in train I heard the dialogue of aunty “A” who is commuting daily with me and I compared her situation with mine! I felt I am so lucky and so special!

I was to sharp and sincere with studies and my parents were too much concerned @ my studies! Result was I got best grades, got engineer’s degree and I poorly performed in kitchen skills! When it was @ career and education , people were giving my example, such levels I had gained [do study like bhumika did!] ! And in revrse way when it was @ kitchen and cooking, again people gave my example [ don’t be like bhumika, take care u should not be complete zero in kitchen as she is!]! --- he he he! I had believed in remaining at top perhaps , whether in good or in bad list!

Even after graduation as I started job and was staying in vidhyanagar, I learnt nothing! One more excuse to avoid essential cooking lesions! Perhaps I was not like other normal girls who loved cooking from very small age… I still remember I have never played with kitchen set as a kid or never played as housewife in “ghar-ghar”! I don’t know reason but I think I was a bit different! U can say a bit DIFFECTIVE!

After wedding all of a sudden I realized importance of cooking but it was too late! I had put myself in big trouble! What happened next???

Today I am quite good with all cooking and have done many successful experiments !

How it became possible????? Just because of my Mummyji!

I never use SASU word for my mummyji… as she has never been sasu in real means!

My mother-in-law has been a real mentor for me! She wanted a “sundar , sanskari, sarad, gharrakhhu” - a traditional Indian girl for her son.. but sadly her son met me- a reverse combo of her list!!

Not being a usual SASU, she happily accepted me as a part of family! Though I was a perfect mismatch in family, she never made me feel odd!

If u wanna create the finest product u need a strong mould! My momji were such a strong mould for me! I do remember many incidents when she got angry on me.. said something and I cried like a small baby! Those years were emotionally tough for her as well as for me! But with efforts and patience she instilled many skills in me! She taught me everything as I was not aware @ how to make tea even! She taught me my responsibilities !

After wedding even I did my MASTERS….. my momji and papaji supported me a lot for it! I was commuting from a’bad to anand, was doing job and was also studying! All I could do was because of such supportive family!

Today lookin back to my past I feel pride! I m happy I got such a family !

I love my parents a lot as they sacrificed their life for me! But I love my in-laws more as they accepted me and loved me whatever I was and I am! I know I will never express this love of mine to my mummiji, as society has drawn a line for the in-law relation! But I have started crossing this line …

I feel mother-in-laws are upgraded these days! We all gals of this generations are lucky as we all have 2 mothers!


Anonymous said…
very good post. i will be promoting it.

Shilpa Garg said…
Another Shilpa commenting on this post!!

A wonderful expression! Yes, some of us are blessed to have such amazing Mummyjis!!
Minal said…
Absolutely correct and agreed with last 2nd para. :) Feeling so good and laughed a lot too after ur post.

----I had believed in remaining at top perhaps , whether in good or in bad list!---- :D lol u're so frank in fun way.

Kudos!!! to mummyji's and definitely i'm also a one person who crossed that social line for in-laws. Bless u and ur family. :)

Now after reading this i'm going to call both of them. ;D
~Lopa said…
Visiting your blog for the first time...
Very nice blog and i loved your templete...
And you stay at Ankleshwar??? My hometown is bharuch, my parents stay there...
and Do u really teach at SCET? Thats where i did my Engg !!!

I wonder, Do we know each other??
Aaah world is small...!
It's nice. Daughters are abused by their own mothers in 13.7 % of cases, and in 1.7 % of cases by Mothers.
All India Daughters Protection Forum
Divyesh said…

Very Intersting Post...

Keep it....


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