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Being Indian!!!

Being Indian!!!

does that mean just singing our National Anthem? [ sometimes without having the knowledge that while singing national anthem we need to stand up in respect!]

or it means saving our great culture by opposing each [possible change by saying "Ye hamari sabhyata ke khilaf he!"... [ can a TV show damage our great culture? ]

Or it means wearing Khadi but praising and promoting Foreign company brands?? [ how many of us have at least 1 khadi outfit in our wardrobe? n how often we use it? ]

does that means the craze to study and getting settled abroad, and still celebrating all Indian festival , missing India badly! [for an example:: if my family is middle class, my father is not understanding my goals or cant give me platform to develp myself, if my mother is half or not educated .... do i ask other families to adopt me???? CANT WE FIND BEST EDUCATION AND OPPORTUNITIES IN INDIA? or WE DON'T TRY? ]

I am confused!!!! [ don't worry i am born confused!, its not ur fault!]

15th August, 2009.... it was a public holiday.... just a public holiday?

i had to attend Flag hoisting at my institute "Compulsory" !
what a pity!!!! we received a circular from institute that all Staff members have to attend Flag hoisting compulsory else disciplinary actions will be taken... and last line was - program is followed by light refreshment and tea!

its pity that on Independence day function we all need some added attraction or a threat to attend flag hoisting ! as its more holiday then a special day! we feel like we have a list of IMP things to do on a holiday else then attending an Independence day function.... [such as sleeping, sleeping....n sleeping a lot!] .... does that mean being INDIAN?

if it would have been our or our loved1's birthday , we wouldn't have woke up early to wish , or to visit temple?

Being INDIAN .... What it Exactly means????

[can u explain?? i m again confused!!!]


kang said…
a nice post and a cool blog overall...i liked the design and clean color set of the blog...good!

me also posted an article on 15 august about waking up against corruption.
Minal said…
15th Aug. just a Public Holiday?
So what do u expect pl. to do on this Day? Every country has a special Day and every body do what Indians do. ;D
Well, that example of not wealthy parents and country, i would say one is related with total emotions and other mix of emotion and brain. In general ppl. think whoever settled abroad is just for opportunities! but there are many reasons apart from it. BTW, what do u think our ancestors were originally from which place, India or from somewhere else?!!!!
Swatantra said…
A nice post!! I am born on august 15.. Not much to say but i feel proud of it..
Bhumika said…

i totally agree with u!!!

my views were just @ the people who run abroad just for money and whenver comeback, always praise like" abroad all s so clean.... so wealthy... n india s...ohhh!"
ia is also developing and we cn make it clean and wealthy! cnt we? just that was d point.. as i observed many of my friends n students just gone abroad feeling others abroad are more developed compared to india!

i dint meant any objection on NRIs... as i respect their feelings a lot.. my meaning was just that dnt leave india just because u feel living in India is not better compared to abroad, even in india u can get that level of living with a bit more efforts!

i am really sorry , if unintentionally hurt feelings of my precious NRI friends!! [as if u all have read my old posts, u will find all my friends are NRI...]

sorry again!
Bhumika said…

this post was just to criticize me n people like me in India....

as i felt bad as had to attend function compulsory! and on my way i had realized how stupid i am to feel like that! and also found i have many people around me- just like me!

sorry to ALL!!!

heartily sorry!
Envy said…
no, you should not feel sorry for anything. Your all points are valid.
Being Indian means-
1 to bring up and care proper our family,relatives,friends and neighbours too.
2 to help our surrounding by not poluting it with litter,words or act.
3 try to be as honest as possible(I know it is difficult, so I used word'try')and then expect in return.
For me these points are enough, now if I dont celebrate independence day or sing national anthem or dont go to pray at temple/mosk/church, does not matter.
I hate all these religious ppl who are just poluting atmospher with more than 80 decibles.
And you had a point in case of NRI (b4r someone attack-I am too a NRI)that they abuse India in a bad way, yes we all have right to compare things but it should be to change it for better and not criticism sake only.
Me and my friends have never used mineral water in India and we never have fallen ill too!!!
LOL our body is originally indian and our lets keep our heart too.(A requst, take this lightly-no offense to anyone)Amen
Anonymous said…
You have already clarified your point in one of your comment so this comment is bit too late and may be out of context now but let me express my view point being an NRI.

You are true when you say people prefer to go abroad for earning money and comforts. But I don't see anything wrong in it as long person is coming back to his/her roots after attaining his/her goals. Everyone wants to make big money and moving out of India just make that desire of a person bit easier to attain. You may also have lot of ambitions for yourself and your family and some day if you are given a choice to move abroad even you will also not be able to say no for that. I'm an NRI from Singapore. When I left the shores of India I was in debt of 10Lakhs+ and today after 3 years, I have not only wiped off the debt but also made sound financial base for myself and my family. Do you think by staying in India I could have done that so fast (if not impossible not so easy as well)?

About bashing of India by NRIs, perhaps the view point expressed is misinterpreted most of the time. As you said India is not that bad and trying to be best in each aspect but sometimes keep trying is not enough e.g. Singapore got it's independence just 44 years back and India got it 62 years back. Singapore in a single generation time turned from dirty, hungry and poor nation to developed nation with 9th highest per capita income of people in world. Against that what India could achieve despite of all the favorable conditions? (Pls don't see this also as India bashing by NRI) Sometimes rather being emotional one has to accpet the reality for the betterment. Once you become NRI than only you will be able to understand the view point.
Minal said…
Hey, hey Bhums dear, no need to say sorry yaar. I'm really feeling bad. :( What u've expressed by ur post is totally right there are ppl.. BTW i posted that comment in light mood without posting any emoticon in my last sentence and after that today i'm visiting ur blog as i immediately got time! and here i see u're regretting. Everybody has their point on base of their experience so u're not wrong either. :) But overall as being an NRI we lived in India and abroad too we can neutrally compared both situations. Lot to say from point of view of NRI but i cudn't explain it so nicely as u. ;) Will tell u when we meet. ;) :) Agreed that NRI's are being misinterpreted. E loko pan India ne etluj chahe 6e jetlu tya rehnaara kadach ena thi pan vadhaare. Jyaare aapne aapna loved one thi door hoiye tyaare aapnne enu mulya vadhare samjatu hoy chhe. I can say that NRI's are True ambassadors of India in front of world. Dalil karya vagar naa jai e jo India nu koi bija country na ghasatu bole tau! :D
Minal said…
Now can u pleasee... delete ur 'sorry' posts? Nahi tau mne shanti nahi thaay. :D Keep up ur nice writing. Cheeeerrrss.... :)
This comment has been removed by the author.
hey bhumika i dont think so that if i have hosting our flag on 15 aug then i m a true indian ..but i think rather we keep our nation clean from all this corrupted ppl by stop giving a corruption..we should start all thing first from our self ,our home and then we can clean out nation..u r right tht we cant be awake first for our own responsibility..and then we can pick up our finger on anyone Else's responsibility..

this is my thinking..dont putted on U or anyone else**:P


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