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Vidyanagar revealed : few snaps, many memories.....

Motto: Work is Worship
First Approved by Government as grant paid College
More than 16000 engineers Graduated.
Degrees offered – B.E.M.E. and PhD

A cyber cafe , a cafe , where one can enjoy his/her space as well as the food with friends! 
A place i love the most! 

the day when i had seen a new building of hotel in place of it, i remember , i had cried like have lost some one very dear!

Ajay book stall ::

A small store of books in 1999, is now a real big super book stall, where you can find any technical or non-technical book! 
Its situated at nana bazar!

Bhaikaka Library:: 

Almost all students have enjoyed reading in this huge library! 

Nasta house!

jay yogeshwar nasta house! 
chai/coffee, maska bun! 
maza ni life! 

                                                              Iscon temple!

A real beautiful temple in heart of vidyanagar, where along with worship people enjoyed bird watching also! 
[PS :: no intentions to hurt any one's religious feelings! ]

Cafe Coffee Day... 

A place for coffee... and fun!

Biting Junction::

A Food junction, at best location at motabazar..

Fast food, junk food, whatever u call: but YUMMY the only word to describe the test! 


food, food and only FOOD!!!

honest + pau bhaji = a deadly combo! 

Madhur Coldrinks :: 

cold drinks and snacks at best prices...

Maharaj snacks::
now i wonder there will not be a single person who hasn't tested food here!

haldi wala milk, sabudana ni khichadi.. .they always served what students looked for! 

maharaj - version 2

famous for tea and fafda+jalebi! 

Natraj studio

photography redefined!

the first snap me and keyur had together was here! 

Mohini Corner....

should i write any thing @ it?


from mobile, to perfumes..
From lipsticks to purse...

all fashion stuff one can find here!

Sanidhya girls hostel:

the biggest wonder at our time!
The most happening private girls hostel of a time!

Satyanarayan Ice-cream parlor ::

a best place for ice-creams and fun!
a place where i had revealed my life to my life...

RUTU Ice-cream parlor ::

Ice-cream, friends and fun! what else one needs ?

Saurashtra Fruit and juice center

The best place for fresh juices and milk-shakes!!!

Shree Pushpakamal Hostel

popular  as PK!!!
hostel where lived my "K"!

a cyber cafe...

where our generation used to hang out to visit virtual world!
Internet when it was rare, was fun here!

Vidyanagar ... memories are endless, pics are many more.. but now eyes are wet...

VIDYANAGAR ::  A city that lives in hearts of millions


Rajni Agravat said…
વાહ! વિદ્યાનગરનો વિહાર કરવાની મજા પડી.. ઇટસ ટ્રુ કે VIDYANAGAR :: A city that lives in hearts of millions!
Bhumika said…
Thank rajniji!
Yeah, we all are from different cities ,who studied at Vidyanagar, yet we love this place the most!
soham said…
purani yade taza ho gayi medam
soham said…
but Medam, u didnt mention about ADIT anything
Bhumika said…
have not added snap of any college other then BVM![as there are so many colleges to specify !]
going to write and post on ADIT separate! [its indeed special!]
Aakanksha said…
Ahaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Puraani Yaadein.... Some day me too gonna have a post like this
Bhumika said…
bate bhul jati hai... yade, yaad aati hai!
Himanshu said…
Spent almost 4 and half years in vvn, back in 1998-2002...came to know it has changed a lot...but the places i cant forget are

-- Maharaj na SevSamosa (Marvadi near Khadayata hostel, Iskcon temple)
-- Shakti - Yogeshwar (Behind BVM)
-- CCube (where i signed up for first email account in '99)
-- Raj Cinema ("Lok Lagni ne Man Api ne Fari Ek Var"!!!)
-- Purohit ni fruit khichdi
-- Nityanand Dhosawalo
-- Ankit na burger
-- Nilu ni Cha
-- Bhatt na Pauva
-- Maksud (Sai Pan Center Nana Bazar) nu fin (foam) valu pan (Adda of badass)
-- Urja Girl's hostel
-- Mohini Corner
-- Ka bhai nu Bun-Butter
-- Saurashtra Juice center
-- Sahjanand restaurant ni late night ni Maggi
-- Chiman ni cha (n ae paseni galini ek girl's hostel n opp to the girls hostel there was snack center with open garden, i forgot the name but it was the best dating place)
-- Dawat/Flavours
-- Ekta restaurant/Delhi Darbar (on Highway)
-- Lambhvel hanuman mandir

Enjoyed a lot in vvn....It was around 370 km away from my hometown....but was lucky to have a gang....Miss them all....Many times planned to visit again, but what do in vvn without friends???
Bhumika said…
the comment s awesome as u r!
have snaps of all u mentioned bt was not possible to post them all!

so have just posted few!
i also miss vvn like hell , n have been there for 8 years!
saksharthakkar said…
"VIDYANAGAR :: A city that lives in hearts of millions! "

TRUE. I am one of those millions. Thank you for giving back the memories... :)
Minal said…
Oyyee, mast mast names ;) sweet sweet touching memories!now i'm also missing it like damn hell. :D
Pinal said…
eyes are wet!!!! missing VVN like a hell !!!!
Pankti said…
This is nostalgic!!! I can add some more like, khaudhra gali(;)) in front of Sanidhya... How about dawat/flavors etc... But no one can beat C-Cube!!!
gaurav said…
Nice Collection bhumika....Actually i m from vvn only...spent more then 25 years felt very good to see those pics....refreshed all of my old memories which i cherish very much....Thanks once again...
surya said…
મારો એક મિત્ર હતો (હાલ માં તો તેનો કોઈ સંપર્ક નથી )જે વિદ્યા નગર થી આવ્યો તો ને હમેશા અમને ત્યાની વાતો કરતો હતો , તમારી પોસ્ટ જોઈ ને મારા મિત્ર ને એની વાતો યાદ આવી ગયી ! સરસ પોસ્ટ !
shweta Jain said…
Hey bhumika,
Awesome collection of pictures. i was in VVN for 22 yrs of my life but haven't been to VVN in last 20 yrs. After seeing these pictures can't wait to go there next time I am in India.
God bless Job well done.
Anonymous said…
well described.... even I had spent some of my best years in VVN... This post refreshed my old memories........
maddy-me11 said…
nice collection.....n true comments bout ya,birds cm here n dats y hunters....!!!

newy nw if u gt chance jus hv lk on AV(anand vvn) road.....its totaly changed....u wl lv it....
Viyoma said…
Hey Bhumika, ur latest posts are beyond my comprehension, liked this one..esp the one line description of Vidyanagar!

Will visit bk for more English posts :)
Gaurang said…
really great memories
Jay said…
Hi Everyone who miss VVN,
When i try to find "Purohit Khichadi" recipe, this page is pop up. During reading the whole page, the picture of VVN was just in front of my eyes. What a golden days. I really misses all food you mention in the page.
I heard from friends from VVN that VVN is change so much in last 6-7 years. I really want to visit again and want to fill that old days again.
I still fill water in my mouth after I read about the great teasty food.....
Anyway thanks for refresh old golden memory of VVN life.
sohel said…
Very true... missing this place like anything... :(
Aspiring finder said…
superb mindblowing ............Am just now commuting to my college changa from baroda but had a chance to live the glory of VVN for 4 months.........and it had been awesome.

Almost all the places you have described are still the students best places to visit but adding to them now there is BIG LION multiplex
Big baazar
and 1 mors sahajanand nasta house......only open at night.....

VVN the best place ever ;)
Golu said…
Cant forget this place..late night roaming around iskon temple...shashtri ground sunday sports place...
When i go there, i usually feel like i am 17-18 year old.
No 1 place to live in india.
DivYaRaJ said…
Missing all places and people there.

Aaradhana hostel
A hotel in basement near grid (dnt remeber name)
Ankit burger
Rudraksh corner

Vidhyanagar is much changed now. Those were Best years of life... Wish i could get one day of back from those years... Thanx for creating this post.

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