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Vidyanagar :: a city that respects space of individual adding responsibility to it!

"hey bhumika, why you haven't written any thing about VIDHYANAGR on your blog??? "- himanshu - my virtual though a good friend asked me yesterday!


"what? you have taken admission in BVM? at vidyanagar? have you got mad? dont you know culture of vidyanagar?  the freedom of that city spoils innocent kids![??? was i been so???]  you are not going there! take your admission back! join a B.S.C college here at baroda. you are not going to vidyanagar that s final! " - Mom could shout and cry together, i always appreciated her multitasking skills!

" Come on mom, its not so! and it solely depends on a person, whether to control own self or to get spoiled! I am determined for all what i want! I am going for it any how! you please cheer up now! dad, will you please explain mom something! "- its a lot tough to explain mom anything!

"Dont you remember what hema said last week when she came at our place? she had canceled her admission from N.V.Patel science college. dont you know the reason? She told me she had been victim of eve teasing thrice in a single day , which was her first day to the city! boys passing by chased for her and tried to .... Rama rama... god knows where the new generation is going?  Do you want to go to such place ? " - mom always has perfect argument to prove her point! i feel like if she had been fortunate to study more, she must had been a top most advocate! 

"Mom, I know my friends better then you! she told you that boys there mis-behaved with her, had she told you that she was wearing a miniskirt at a public place and was wearing full make-up on day time which made her look like a pro??!!!  forget it! Mom, you know what all i have in my wardrobe? you dont even allow me to wear sleeveless dress! neither i am a fashion freak! Stop behaving like mother of miss universe, that all guys of vidyanagar are eagerly waiting for! i assure you to behave well and keep myself such that no one notices me more! now let me go mom! I dont wanna spoil my future n career! " - I tried what i could do!

" when you dont wanna listen to me... why you are asking me? and your papa also takes always your side! his over support and faith in you is only going to make us regret one day! Do what you wanna do!!! "- Mom had no choice, as she knew i was right on my side! 


"Bhumika, i am a lot afraid... what will we do? we are all alone! and in this time of riots no one will bother about us, besides our family.. and we are much aware that because of sensitive situation, our family members cant even reach to us! "- my roomie Nipa asked me in a panic tone!

"Yeah, i feel like even appearing for Computer Graphic's exam twice can be a better situation then what we are facing now! Gosh, what was the fun in burning a train! We are far away from GODHARA yet affected the most by the riots , i feel! i am feeling horrified ! God send some help! " - we were clueless ! Even our land-lord and his family went to a safer place leaving us alone! 

A sudden rush on our stairs! The room we lived in was on first floor and the construction was such that even if some one will be coming up silently, we could listen foot steps!  We , me and nipa were living as PG[Paying guest] on first floor in a good society! at vidyanagar its tradition to rent a portion of house to students as extra income! and it is still so there!

knock... knock.. door knocked horrifyingly! at 8 pm. it was dark outside! me n nipa felt pissed off! 

after realizing that door is not strong enough to sustain such heavy knock, i decided to open the door! deep inside was a hope of getting some help along with the fear of death!

I had opened the door... and to my surprise , have seen two of our class-mates out. Parthiv and saurabh!

"What the hell is going on in your room? we are knocking door from last 5-10 minutes like mad! why you hadn't opened? we just came to know that you are alone as your landlord eloped... we were a lot worried for you both. See its not safe for you gals to stay here alone! pack few of your necessaries, you both are coming with us! " - Parthiv said.
"We are ok.thanx for the concern, but how we can come with you? where you are going? " we asked in fear though felt good that we have some help with us!

"No formalitites please ! dont worry , along with you we will have pankti and  sabrina  also at the place.. dont hesitate and make it fast!" - saurabh , my fellow roll number made us feel better by his words! 

Parthiv , saurabh, varun shared a room and lived as PG in the same society in which we were living! while rachit, their forth friend of them lived with his other friends again as PG in the same society! 

We all went to rachit's room. we felt a lot better! may be we all felt the fear, but together we felt safe also! 

Arrangement was perfect! at day time we all read something or played some game , or had a nap! at night, boys stayed out of d house, for the sake of our safety , wide awake! We all felt like family!

Our families also felt a bit relief that we were not alone! and we were safe! 
Whole society appreciated our unity and never pointed any question of our character! 

Its possible just at vidyanagar... Where you have freedom as well as responsibility! balanced in own way! 

Vidyanagar - a city for youth, full of youth !

Remember :: Being GOOD or BAD is relative!! its one's perspective how its being viewed as! 

"Vidyanagar :: a city that respects space of individual adding responsibility to it! "


Himanshu said…
Bhushan said…
bhoomika, u'r very good at describing the atmosphere as well as events.

keep it up!!
Aakanksha said…
hmmm.... loved it just becoz me too staying at home away from home... Ur this post reminded me the Shivsena riot last year & how we all hostelites were togather then... I remember we used to go even to the grocery shop,just across the road in a bunch of 15 gals... & seriously... it's all up to u how to behave away from home...
cheers babes... XOXO
Parthiv said…
Whoa... nice one. I still remember the dreaded first week of March. What a week. Anxiety of new rumors every day, running to shops open only for an hour with half shutter down to get whatever you can get to eat, keeping a watch every night and a lot more. You described the sincere part of the story. Now let me tell you the funny side of it.

Saurabh a.k.a SD

situation: Me and SD sitting on the swing and talking about the situation. On that day the rumors of a "tolu" coming from Bakrol was the only things getting talked around by the societywalas. SD was discussing with me the plans about "what to do" in case the rumors are true and he was devising plans of survival.

The PLAN that he devised finally was to "SLEEP IN the nearby FARM !!!!".

Rationale behind the plan: " abe jo, tolu aavshe to peli baaju thi aavshe ane jo aapde khetar ma hoishu to apanane kon joi shakvanu chhe. I think this is the best plan for us. Lets go and talk to all about this"

I was floored laughing on hearing this and I think you also came rushing from inside and as usual gave SD some good words :). Vintage SD :).

Jokes apart, yes it was a tough week for all of us but apart from the gory side of it, we do have some really fine memories of it and I am sure we all will talk about it again and again for time to come :). For me there is more of "SD Gyan" to talk just out of this one week. The above one is just the tip of iceberg :).
Minal said…
Love this post as it's for Vvnagr where i grew up. Well said for ppl. of it, they are flexible, broadminded and lot more adjustable ppl. in guj. If we knew each other at that time my family wud definitely be helpful to u.;)
i just love to read all ur writing ....good keep it up..:)
Jignesh Gohel said…
During riots i was in 12th Science and preparing for my final exam. We were staying at nanabazar in "vahanvati complex" We hired a flat and stayed in a group of 5 boys.

The only problem was about food, our tiffin were not delivered for almost 3 days and we had milk and parle G in lunch and dinner :)

i stayed 8 years in vidhyanagar, (9th standard to BE) i learned lots of things in vvnagar. You can say that the real lesson of life i learned in this city.

I love vv nagar :)
અધીર said…
nice to c vvn... left (bvm)vvn in 89...i can hardly recognise any pic ! thnx for sharing !
nice perspective!
Trunal Gupte said…
I'm doing M.Sc. Zoology in S.P. University... Came to M.Sc. Final this year... Nice post...
Hitesh Patel said…
Hi Vidyanagar is a nice city which teaches you to build your career as well as your personal life.
We did lot of fun and played cricket matches in shastri ground in 99 cp batch of BVM.

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