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I respect all those women who work for their children!!

નિષ્ઠુર માતાએ પુત્રને સુરસાગરમાં ફેંકી દીધો

i was listening to a gazals of jagjit singh.... was about to reach to surat station , travelling by Bhilad Express... and suddenly one pf my co-passenger showed me this news... i read it.. and cdnt speak a single word! 1 tear drooped out....

"keyur , dont throw those toys.. heer loves them... i know half of them are broken... bt heer s attached wid them and i also feel they are special as they belongs to my princess!.... naah... i am not going to dump her old cloths either!!! i can still smell her from her cloths... and all her belongings are special for me to be treasured for lifetime! dammm to diwali safai.. i will put all safely somewhere for ur satisfaction! "

i wonder! i cant even dump my baby's old toys/cloths.... and somewhere near me... a mother dumped her child!

i feel i was not so much emotional..... but after being a mother , it was my new birth..... i felt all new emotions which were unfelt, unexplored till now.. being a mother, i cnt digest that a mother can be so cruel!

i respect all those women who work for their children! in whatever professions they are.... good/bad... they are there just for their children's future!

may god bless the child who died without seeing this beautiful world!


well said i have read somewhere being a mother is most important thing in this world..
Bhumika said…
yeah.. when god converts a female to mother.... god puts lots of emotions and feelings in her!
Inscriber said…
Hello Mam.. How are you?? Hope you remember me...

Just had a bit of different perspective on this point so wanted to share my views.

May be I can never even be close to feel what a mother can feel nor do I know the exact motive behind the lady who threw her child away. But, I am just trying to understand the psyche of a person who would have been so distressed and hopelessly dejected from this world that she took such an unbearable step.

Her reasons can be many:
1) She herself might have been living in extreme pain and hunger with the family of 5 children where they had to virtually fight for a single meal for all thus becoming mentally unstable.
2) How could have she opposed a certain male section of the society for whom woman is still just a child vending machine.
3) She would be easily seeing all her children living a poor, illiterate, hungry and unwanted(unneeded) life.
All this and may be more would have been happening to her every single day and no one ever came to her rescue.

So one fine day, she adamantly gets up and does what she thinks is best for all her children.. sacrificing one for the others to survive.. (What she did was morally and legally wrong..
But for me it was not wrong what she did being a mother... )

Please dont mind mam, if I have got too direct but this is what I feel...
Bhumika said…
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Bhumika said…

i respect your views! you are right! i guessed the same when read the news!

but my perspective behind the post was .... i believe being a mother u have to strong, very much strong!!! ... u have to fight with all odds for ur child!
and the main aspect was, i have seen many females living in worst condition one can imagine, still fighting like hell just for their child!
i believe even in worst case if one tries.... fights... can survive and sustain! but the will to fight is necessary!

[ i am not one of them... as life has given me all without much efforts!]

i know still many women cnt speak a single word to the males of their family! but they need to change somewhere! if some1 treats u as object... the reason is u - urself.. as u r not opposing... even animals do express their likes-dislikes!

giving the ability to give birth to a child, god has placed mother at his level... god has put faith in mother, that she will save d child from all problems and will do all better ways then god himself can do!

i dnt complain @ the mother who did this act! i complain... she cd have faught wid situation! being a mother!

it may be right that if 5 children can survive with death of 1 child, it may be right from her views.. but if still more problems will arise, she will have more financial crisis... what she wl do??? she wl have to start fighting, being self Dependant for the sake of children at some point???

i just wanted to express my deep respect to those fighter mother!

i liked that u do think @ others perspective!
[BTW cdnt find out ur identity as ur profile dnt show ur name n ur DP is nt clear either! wl happy if u cn remind me!]
Minal said…
Very tragic incident. Despite of being mother and becoming strong for children, not every women is strong enough to fight and come out frm the situation. Without knowing her motive and mental condition at that time we can't say much. But i wonder frm her 5 children she threw only 1? why? Does that act solve her problem?!!! Quite agree with u on motherly spirit and its natural.
Divyesh said…

Very Intersting Post...

Keep it....


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