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"Love X aur Dhoka!"- Break Ups !!!


"Hey M, now one more time you will play this song of movie SAYA I will make u like the Ghost they have in movie[not so beautiful though!] !  can you please tell me the reason why you are crying like a new born baby?" - S asked furiously as he hates such melodramas!! !

"I am not crying and mind your own business!" M replied wid pain!

" I cant leave you in such &*#$%#^% condition, and this is also my business to take care of my buddies! Now will u disclose or i should call and ask ur chick - R ? " - S was a lot concerned about M...

" Dont you drag "R" in the matter! and delete her number now from your cell! " M said with a blank face...
"OOPS this is the matter , your chick has ditched u ? Come on M , enjoy you are free bird now! " I wondered silently how lively S is about life.. and how painful it must be for M to handle this situation!

"M, tell me dear what happened?  Yday only i had seen you R, she waved at me but i hadnt approached her, as she was with her elder bro i think! " finally i tried to heal M, i believe if you talk to a friend about your problem, ur friend may not help out but you will feel better!!

" He was not R's brother, He was her husband.. She got married in this diwali vacation, willingly! " I could see M is not in state yet to believe what just happened to him!
M and R had affair from last 2 years and they made a perfect couple till last vacation, both belonged to same caste, same financial background and were from open  minded families! there was not a single loop hole for this blast!!!
"what was her reason ? you have a right to ask" -  I felt ache thinking of how lovely they seemed together!
"nothing, she said , my family liked X for me, and i cant hurt my family.... sorry, forget and forgive me! BYE" - it was tough like hell for M to recall each word she said which broke his heart in pieces!

" WTF, before having affair wid you had she asked her FAMILY? " S cdnt control his anger and left room!
" M, i think its tough, but i also know, you will take care of yourself! dont feel bad, she may have played with your emotions, but you loved her truly! she is happy- thats what you wanted! have some sleep and try to be away from all persons and objects which reminds you of her for a short while! " - what else i could i say ?

All BREAK UPs are almost same :: --------------------------------------------

SCENE 2 ::

"What ? how could he? what was the reason? "S" and "K" were seeing each other from last 4 years or more, and they made a perfect couple! i cant believe!" I was speechless!

"Yeah, it happened, and "S" even tried for suicide ! She s fine physically right now! "K" gave the reason of family, that he belongs to a strict family who will not accept a non-veggie, other caste, other religion bahu! but we know the real reason,,, "K" is seeing some one in his present office! "- P replied with the same anger n shock!

" WTF!!! in 4+ years of relations, he couldnt understand this DIVYA GYAN!!! " - we were upset... Upset for "S" who became veggie for her BF, started following "jainism" strictly and believed "K" blindly!!!

SCENE-3 ::

"ITs OK, you tried its enough for me! thanx dear! " - "R" thanked "A"...

I asked "A" about the matter...

"A" told me -" Nothing much, "R" says she is in love wid my cousin "S" , both are in relation since 2 years.

but as "S" said his family denied, they are just good friends, nothing more!
but frankly, i asked my cousin "S" and the fact is, he has not talked to his family, he says he was just having "R"  as GF, and he is not at all serious about her to merry! "S" said - "R" is not at all a marriage material! so... dont tell her, though i faked to her that "S" loves her but cnt oppose the family , and she understood what i said! " - "A" explained the whole story to me in short!

"She is not at all a marriage material !!! "- now, what that means??? can any one explain me???

SCENE-4 :: 
"Hi friends! how r u? " i buzzed my virtual friends...

" perfect now! but weekend was a bit hell , ask "D" or "B" for further info! " - one of my best buddy "A" replied...

"Feel something happend when i was offline! "- i thought while reading personal massage from A"..

"A" said :: " bhumz, i had break up with "U"  last friday! but i am ok now! "

"A, "U"?  , i mean our common friend "U"  ? "- I felt like i had guessed it correct before some months about their relation, but now it was worthless!

"YEAH, our? WTF.. now URS "U"... not mine! "- A was on fire... heart aches when some1 breaks your trust and love!

"why? you made a perfect couple! " - I was stunned!

" His family has selected a girl for him, and he says the girl is perfect as his family wants.. and now he feels our relation may not turn out as per his parent's expectations!! Hell He..........." - "A" felt numb to express her anger and feelings!!
" SO, had he taken his parent's permission before seeing you ?" - I was surprised and shocked at the same time!

BREAK UPs [break down!!].... or BROKEN UPs ??? 

I believe " If u commit some one on your own, you only are responsible for success or failure of the relation! "

"If you commit to some one and get involved with, have guts to struggle for it and make the relation worth! "


Aakanksha said…
+1 babes.... agree on committment thing...
" If u commit some one on your own, you only are responsible for success or failure of the relation! "

"If you commit to some one and get involved with, have guts to struggle for it and make the relation worth! "

i love this words...

and whtever u have wrote its perfectly okay..but wht to do wen both is ready n both's parents is nt ready?? why the hell they play game with us??with them child??
Bhumika said…
sensible persons are always keeping their commitment!
bt some stubborn never understand!
Bhumika said…
dear, parents are just trying to keep safe about their kids.. [ this i cn write as i am mother now!]

else parents will oppose always on first place, as they feel they cn find out a better match for their kid, but its our responsibility to convince them, if we feel we r right!

and in some cases even by doing what they oppose we need to prove we were right about our decision! opposing dnt mean we dnt respect![as i did]

Parents do fear about our future, but we should be clear what we want and whats right for us!!!
deepal said…
mast lakhu 6e...
Bhumika said…
thanx dear!

truth is stranger then fiction!
Bhavin Adhyaru said…
My random comments on your posts are like…

01. First off all, why there should be a break-up, when 2 hearts decide to be together…well, my observations are very clear regarding reasons behind break up…

A. Possessive nature of either person
B. Family interfere in case, where family know about relation ship
C. Fear of telling (Lack of courage) to family members, which always annoys to both boy & girl (in such cases both must be united & mature enough to tell everybody about their relationship without fear)
D. Cell Phone is the biggest evil in any relation ship (Apart from this, we can say technology plays a vital part in spoiling things)
E. Lie…needs any clarification?
F. Guilty of Sex before Marriage (Debatable & purely subjective matter) during courtship, as getting physical automatically loose that charm of getting physical after mrg., you know that first time fantasies…but, in most cases, due to natural hormonal things, youngsters get physical up to whatevet extent…
G. Prejudices & Misunderstandings on small small things during conversations & meetings
H. Likes & dislikes, obvious…
I. Sometime, when concrete real things get closer & closer…escapist attitude gets in…all rosy things & commitments get in to exams…its not easy to perform in all the way…
J. This ‘Tunic & Alter Bra Generation’ has its own limitations & problems, which I am not able to understand sometime, being just 23 years of age..
K. At the end, my view is clear, if a person has patience (which is now a days rare) to be for life time, and having intention to go till mrg. Dan & dan they should go for relation ship…I-Pill or lubricants are all short cuts & life spoilers….

Bhumika said…

Perfect to the point!
Pankti said…
I loved the representation of S, K, P in scene 2. And of course the other parts too... :-)
Apara said…
Hey Gal(or lady)!
Going thru ur blog for the first time..I saw u on orkut couple of times on JV community..but this whole read of 4 scenes was a fun ride. they were so damn real.
Family comes in each scene when u r done with that other person in relationship n dont have guts to say a gracious good bye. well..frankly speaking ..most of it doesnt even have a touch of grace in them :D so why to cry ..Initially when i used to see such scenes..i used to get stunned ( u did in some scenes :D) but now its a common practice in our society wher in if two lovers get married, I get shocked ! :D
keep writing more :)
Hey Bhumika,
Let me tell you something very personal about me.
I's in love with a Girl named "A" before 7 years ago, but because of family problems we can't be 2gether where my commitment was the only reason for failure of my means "C" relationship with "A".
I got married before 6 months ago with a girl called "P". "P" meet me before 1 year and 2 months ago, she came at my home and we fall in love with each other, however again parents were not ready from both side, But my commitment towards to "P" is so strong and finally after 2 months I got her in my life as my "fiance" and we got married in last December.

In both the cases COMMITMENT is the only factor which holds trust and love together. In one case i got failure and second i got my love as my wife and life. In both the cases COMMITMENT was 100% although results were different.

I can finally say about my wife.

""I know I have someone who loves me for who I am and who I'm not! I LOVE P****!""
Tejas said…
I loved this one...
perfect writing and point...

I liked your last line...splendid...I believe that too..
Tejas said…
nice one..:)

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