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The first man a girl falls in love with is her PAPA!!!

"ohh come on PAPA... not again, i m takin good care of mine [ do i??]! yeah, i do carry a lunch box everyday [ohhh... really?], yes i am commuting safely [ ohhh, its safe these days to get in train from wrong side even! IF u take some precautions!]... yes papa i am drivin scooty very slowly [ hummm... 50-60 its slow for me... atlast i drive slower than keyur{i m caomparing speed of scooty wid scorpio!}], papa i am going to see a doctor soon , dont worry [ really ? the only doc i visit freq is a medical store from where i purchase medicines without prescriptions!] , papa i am getting enough sleep....[???]....................... papa , why dont u come down to my place n see how do i manage? [ ooops what will heppen if he wl really come ???] ..... "

ahhh... i am so much good it telling lie! did i said truth to papa ? naah... i just told, what will make him happy n content!
---- its a usual dialog between me n my PAPA.. i feel he must have direct connection wid GOD.. else how he knows all my probs n Odds??? i feel he do worry a lot unnecessarily.... but feel like he has been doing it [ i.e. worrying @ me] from long as his main activity besides of earning and solving my issues!
As a child , my PAPA was my super hero... [he still is!]... as i grew up n entered in TEENs he was my best friend.... and as i reached to college he was more then a friend,,,, A guide, a support ! i used to share all my secrets with him! all which may be a daughter should not share wid Father traditionally ... PAPA always showed trust in me... and never raised a Question on me ! not even when i asked him to meet a boy of my choise whome i wanted to marry !
PAPA - MOM had been to my home for last 1 week and went y'day back to baroda... i felt some emptiness in myself when they were leaving! its not as they are leaving.... its because while thinking @ them, @ my past life and @ the life they live these days..... i realised.... PAPA merely lived his life for himself!!!!

I feel pain when .............i cant recall a single insident where i have seen Papa doin something he likes or he wanted to do! in whole his life he has been doing only things me or my sis liked or wanted! on each diwali or other festivals me n Urvi [my elder sis] had new cloths or gifts, whatever we wanted.... but we being kid, hadnt observed that Mom-papa celebrated festivals just by putting smile on our face [without spending single penny for them!]...

Lastly before 2 years PAPA had a mild peralisis attack... he s fine now, but not as well as he had been earlier... he needs support to walk... when he s ill, he takes a lot time to recover... but he never informs me @ his health!! [ though mom tells all secrets to me!] papa knows i will be worried n he thinks I have many more reason's n responsibilities to worry about! [ no PAPA! i dont have anything more Important then U!]

PAPA... who lives for me and Urvi DI... who had/has just single activity in his life that he did/ doing / will do - Worring @ better futur of me n DI....

PAPA.. from whos EYEs i am the most beautiful girl! from whos perspective i m the most intelligent person! n from whos views i am perfect as i am and i am doing all my duties at my best!
I miss being with my PAPA.... miss that secure, worry free, dream world - where i was the princess and i was the best!

These days i do struggle to proove "that i am Not that much bad !"
"पापा मैं छोटी से बड़ी हो गई क्यों ??
पापा की निगाहों में ... ममता की रहो मैं ,
कुछ देर रूक जाती .... तो क्या बिगड़ जाता....!!! "


Rajni Agravat said…
હેય ભૂમિકા,

શબ્દથી આ પોસ્ટ/સંવેદનાની ગરિમા જાળવવી મુશ્કેલ થશે એટલે એટલું જ કહી શકાશે - જસ્ટ સુપર્બ!
Neelam said…
Bhumika mam it really touchs ones heart(specially for a daughter for his father the filling are the same as u narrated)...... excellent narration madam.....
Minal said…
:) imagine urself on same place after 20yrs when Heer'll grown up! ;) touchy, there isn't anybody compared to our parents. Love them.
હમમ્. કાઈ નહી કહું.

હા એક વાત જરૂર કહીશ.. બની શકે તો થોડુક ગુજરાતીમા વધુ લખો. શુદ્ધ સાત્વિક બ્લોગો બહું જુજ છે ગુજરાતીમા.
બાકી મારી શુભકામના તો હંમેશ તમારી સાથે જ છે.
Mamta said…
That is soo true! My dad knows too what exactly I am going through at every point in time! Even though we are thousands of miles apart . I dont know how the communication is set up, but it is true..
darkknight said…
Reminds me of how my Dad used to worry about me when I was in Bangalore. He still worries, but now he calls others to find out. Especially when it comes to riding "dheeme dheeme".
~Lopa said…
Awwww, such a touchy post... now i miss my mom-dad so bad... and dont know when will be able to see them ! :(

Lovely post... and so true for almost all indian parents !

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