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"Mother is compared with GOD... But She is not ! Being human its tough to act as GOD! "

"Hey bhumika, seen 3 Ididots? awesome movie.... i know you just love movies...Its must watch... i had been to it for 3 times still i wanna go n watch it once again! " - Reena , my train friend asked me.... Yeah she was right, i just love movies and can watch movie at any time!

"Na re, how can I? had seen Fashion last.. Wid heer its not possible to go for movie...I miss going out for movie badly, but  at the same time i feel its more imp for me to be wid Heer as much as possible!" - i replied palely!

"Why? Heer will love it! and if she cant hold for 3 hours, You can go for night show! hey you have a Nany exclusive for her right? why not on sunday afternoon, she will be sleeping and you both can go and watch movie! what say?" - Reena was too excited about the idea, as she understood my urge to see movie.. She is a movie-freak like me, so can better understand my urge!

"humm.. Its possible, but  i feel guilt, if i go out for fun leaving her alone on Sunday! or rather i should say i am forced to feel guilt for enjoying without her... I simply cant go... waiting for her to be 2 years old... then may be we can go for some fun again, and i can catch up with my life! " - i felt i was running out of words... as I had to feel something, think as i was said!

" No ways, it meens 1 more year, without any outing, movie, fun.... dont u go out for job? for family functions? then why you cant have your sunday for youself once in a month or a long while? you yourself told me your hubby loves trading and on friday[his holiday] , he devotes a lot time for it! why he s not feeling guilt for being away and enjoying without HEER? why? " - Reena has surprised... but it was natural, she is just engaged and she hasn't seen the double standards of society till now!

"Because i m MOTHER! "- i replied...
but inside me some1 was unhappy wid my decision! Is it wrong to be mother and woman at the same time? my inner soul asked me, being mother why it needs sacrifices ? cant i have my space? once in a while, cant i do what i love to do?
and i replied - "NO, i cant.... I am a MOTHER! "

"Bhums, manjufui is really very serious , you will have to see her. she is admitted to hospital now! i told you last weekend only, it must have been better if you had visited her at that time! dont you understand you will have to maintain SOME relations??? " - my lovely SIS- Urvy was angry on me by now... She was trying to explain me since 10-15 days, how badly i needed to visit my fui...

"I know urvy, we had talked before also about this! why dont you understand, i cant come... I hardly give time to Heer, and that also on sundays only...on weekdays i can be wid her just for 2-3 hours.. now how can i leave her on sunday? It makes me feel damm guilt.. "- I tried to clear my situation once again..

"It wont take much time bhums, you can go back at eve soon... and Radhaben will be there to lookafter Heer.. then whats prob? in worst case u can bring heer also along wid u! "- Urvy showed me possible options! i wonder how she manages to be so much social! She s Physics Teacher inb higher secondary school, she teaches tutions also, she wakes up at 4 am and sleps at 11 pm, and yet she manages to attend all social meetings... May be she had no choice! most of the time SHE HAS TO act social...

" Noap DI, I cant... Radhaben is there to look after Heer, and yeah she takes her care a lot better, but she s not Heer's MOTHER.... i know its urgent for me to come.. but i know if i will come there.. i will be forced feel how bad mother i am to leave my kid alone even on sunday! it drains me emotionally DI! and if i bring her with me, again i will be blamed to take her to a place where Heer can get infected or what so ever.... Its tough DI! yo ujust manage to convey my disability whenever you visit FUI.."- i tried to explain my stand!.

"You are acting very selfish bhumika.... " - My sis knew my stand, bt she wanted me to think once again!
" I am selfish DI.. I have to ... Not for me... just because I AM MOTHER... !!!" - tears accompanied my words...   and my sis finally got my point ....


"Forget that crap bhums.. Its ok.. you cant shout on all! let them say what they want to say! I know you love Heer and so Do I... Lets Plan a solution... why don't you visit your Fui on this 2nd you have 2nd Saturday-Sunday off.. you can have social visit on Saturday and can play wid Heer on Sunday! what say?? " - Keyur always have a solution.. May be he is expert by now, as  I am a problem generating machine most of the times!

"But you know , what they will say... When they blame me i feel a lot guilt... i feel bad... I love my kid... but do i need to give proof for that by sacrificing all as they do? " - I was a lot upset!

"No , certainly not... we have a lot roles to play in life.. and always we cant balance them equally! better we accept our limitations and enjoy being what we are! dont worry about Heer.. i told you before also- " Baap Ae Baap bija badha jungle na Saap!" [Father is father, else all are snakes from jungle! - modified version of old saying- Ma te ma, bija badha vagda na va! - copyrights reserved by Keyur shah! ]- so cheer up now! " - keyur tried to make my mood.. and its alwasy a lot comfortable to talk to him! as he dont expect me to act IDEAL , or like som1 who is ideal!


Being MOTHER....

Is it so tough???? Or we make it so?

Being Mother.. it means the sole identity of female?

Being Mother .... Its tough to balance life, Roles and Responsibilities.. why people dont understand?

Mother is compared with GOD... But She is not GOD! Being human its tough to act as GOD!

Mother loves her Child the most , but Father also loves his kid same way!

Why all sacrifices and responsibilities are expected from Mother only?

Isn't that Gender-Bias?


Anish Patel said…
Yup, Its Gender-Bias from Society. But Still I don't understand that, here it's your inner guilt-feeling or guilt forced by outer world means by society?
Bhumika said…
i am many tmes confusing!
Most of the times i am forced to feel guilt... and then onwards for that case my inner soul feels i shld be guilt as others say!
કદાચ સમજુ સમાજ આને લાગણીવેળા કહેશે પણ... આ નેચરલ છે. ઘણા લોકો આપણી જેમ (હા આપણી જેમ હું પણ છેલ્લા ૪.૫ વર્ષથી આ જ સ્થીતી અનુભવું છુ) પ્રેક્ટીકલ નથી હોતા. આપણે કદાચ અપવાદ મા આવ્યે છીએ.
~Lopa said…
Award for you Bhumika, pls collect it :)
Harsh said…
superb...u r right tht a mother has to play different roles...but God makes every mother HARFANMAULA...coz being a woman and being a mother is like changing the consciousness to SAMAADHI...
Minal said…
Bhums u're not alone to feel that guilt 'coz we (women all over the world) tend to live or raised that way only, traditional way. In today's world traditional and modern way of being a woman clashes together as society and our own self haven't come out totally from that traditional role model shell. I love one sentence have read somewhere by one husband in favor of his working wife after birth of their child. she manages to work as she wants ( as ppl. says how can she work leaving her child)so her hubby said , why not? i also have new born child when i can go out for work why can't she?

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