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Freedom :: Being Female

Freedom :: Being Female!

let me tale u one incident! [those who are expecting a funny post may stop reading!]

"A" is a female of the age 28/29, she is working women and married.

recently while "A" was travelling by train [ "A" is also commuting...] , "A" found the person seating opposite to her was staring her badly! "A" neglected it, and continued her novel and music...

After some time, That stranger waved his mobile to "A", and held mobile in a way that "A" could see Mobile's screen. that mobile was showing some number[ it was that stranger's number...]..
"A" neglected him again... and continued to her reading n music!

as "A" s destination station was about to come, that stranger offered her a newspaper to read, which she denied knowing his mindset... and she was sharp to find that on the newspaper that stranger had written his name and number in big lattes! "A" avoided it, but "A" s mind was racing with anger!

finally , stranger gave her newspaper forcefully in her hand... now it was a limit!
"A" 's anger got on fire.. and "A" slapped the stranger saying nothing!

now when "A" tells this incident to her family, her family members says " you should not slap that person until he causes any physical harassment!" [ family persons are concerned that the stranger whom "A" slapped can cause problem to her!]

now Question is....
mental harassment is not crime?
if any "a", "B", or "C" is working woman, she is meant to have "available tag" ?
should "A" follow her family's advice and wait for that stranger to cross his limit?
"A" did wrong by slapping and showing that she also has some self respect and she is not an object?

Freedom ..... that also while being a FEMALE...... what it means?


~Lopa said…
ya i know, i did up-down from bharuch to surat once upon a time and i know it happens all the time.
My aunt, who is elder to me by 6 years, slapped a guy too on station and then actually we all were worried too that she travels alone and what if that guy is upto taking revenge on that insult... you never know !

I havent slapped anyone on train or station, but i did once in a movie, as we were entering and you know crowd is rushing in, pushing everyone... this guy behind me was pushing me without reason and i heard his friend telling him - hold hold ( pakad pakad) , i was so angry, i turned, though it was so crowdy and slapped him... and everyone stood staring for a moment as if time stopped for a moment... lol

Females are not object... They have a pride and self-respect whatever you call it !
darkknight said…
I would support A's decision. One tight slap from a strong lady would make that miscreant think a hundred times before harassing any girl. And we cant stop acting for fear of retaliation or else our forces would be sitting and not hunting terrorists for fear of retaliation.
Minal said…
What 'A' did is right, i wud support it. It's not that only time of physical abuse woman has to oppose. Mental harassment or abuse also come in abusive category. Family is right in there saying as they fear for 'A'. Believe me, one tight slap discourage him to do anything more in most cases unless he's sm mental disorder. Mostly i used verbal communication, later depend on degree of abuse then ek hi kaafi hai.
Minal said…
Bhumika, try to keep one small knife in ur purse. My father used to suggest me. I got every kind of support in this matter. :D
hena said…
bhumz how about using "TASER GUN".Its also legal to keep with us for self protection...
Swatantra said…
Bahut Sahi... Aisse hee karna chaiye.. I just loved it..
Yogendra Oza said…
HI Bhumika,

I am 100% agree with your action but it started a debate on whether "A" had done right or not and whether "A"'s family is correct or not.

>> From the "A"'s Point of View: Mental harassment is definitely a crime and "A"'s reaction is 100% correct. Now if "A" is a woman then there are chances that thousands of them are not able to react in the way "A" had done. I respect the bold reaction by "A" because it saved many numbers of "A" which could be harassed by that person in same situation.

>> Family's point of View: If "A" is a women then there are chances that the family may had taught just to neglect such things and not to react. They may had tried to do the same things in their past and they may have decided not to react because they might not want to be get into any unnecessary trouble from these things. Parents normally do the same things and teach the same things to their children which is not correct.

I congratulate you for your action.

Yogendra Oza

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